Italy: Cycling in Maremma Tuscany

A few kilometers are enough to discover the lively complexity of this remote region of Italy land having a strong identity and a well defined character. Each road is an opportunity for getting to know each different side of Maremma Tuscany. Cycling in Tuscany through this multi-faceted landscape one gets the impression of finding oneself inside a subtly colored impressionist picture, able to convey strong feelings. Here in the centre of Maremma Tuscany one finds the small Hotel Prategiano. The Tuscany Agriturismo is an ideals base for cyclists, mountain bikers and horse riders. Looking out from the hotel in the morning, the hills are being gently unwrapped from their misty coating by the rising sun. All around is quiet. The hotel team is waiting for us with proposals and detailed maps for your first bike tours.

The Metalliferous Hills are the bashful heart of a Maremma Tuscany that entices those travelers with pioneering instinct looking for new grounds to break. Starting from the stone towns like Montieri and Gerfalco, ancient gateways to Siena and its territories, as far as the historic nobility of Massa Marittima overlooking the blue fringed coast. The strong and true character does not disappear when reaching the Inland Toscana Hills. Stupendous roads, old custom posts as well as the paths, followed by flocks and herds during their seasonal migration, wind through a graceful country, like poetry, genuine like its quality wine Montecucco linking together the Metalliferous Hills and the Grosseto territory.

Through its continuity Maremma conveys all its human genuineness by way of its wavy ground, scented with Morellino, that from Scansano rolls down into the Grosseto plain and towards the wide scenery of blue sky and sea, to be seen from Castiglione della Pescaia, to the Maremma Regional Park where a fragile ecosystem coexists with the way of life of Italy’s cowboys, the Butteri. Biking back inland the hills grow to mountains. In the shadow of the mountains Maremma writes its own history and mysteries. Hot waters and well-being are the means by which “volcanic” Maremma cuddles legs, bodies and spirits of the travelers, mountain bikers and cyclists. Two thrusts on the pedals are enough to bring one back to the seemingly never ending hills and to find oneself once more among pastures and vineyard, breathtaking landscapes for more easy cycling in Tuscany Italy.



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